Archived Bulletins & Newsletters (2)

Since the closure of churches, due to the pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19

from 23rd March, a daily bulletin has been produced and archived on these pages.

4th Week of Lent

2nd Week of Easter

6th Week of Easter

Week 11 in Ordinary Time

Week 15 in Ordinary Time

5th Week of Lent

Holy Week

3rd Week of Easter

4th Week of Easter

7th Week of Easter

Week 9 in Ordinary Time

Week 12 in Ordinary Time

Week 16 in Ordinary Time

Week 17 in Ordinary Time

Octave of Easter

5th Week of Easter

Week 10 in Ordinary Time

Week 14 in Ordinary Time

Week 18 in Ordinary Time

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Parish Priest : The Very Rev. Canon Peter Rollings V.F. (Dean)
Assistant Parish Priest : Rev. Gordon Adam (Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham)
Deacons : Rev. John Belfield, Rev. Martin L'Estrange, Rev. Shaun Morrison (OoOLoW)